Which Doctor

If you got a vexing condition,
and you need a cure that heals
Big Pharma says they can fix you
with a bunch of prescription pills
They got a pill that will
take away all your pain
They got a pill that will
improve your libido again
Their doctors will give you a pill
for just about any and everything
But their kind of healing comes at a steep price
You'll be reaching in that wallet or purse
more than once or twice
Me, myself and I we prefer
the old tried and true way
Dusting off the kneecaps,
then bend the elbows and pray
My Physician charges me nothing,
I'm not burdened with any medical bills
The checkups are free,
and I can see Him as often as I will
Now I don't know which doctor
whose method you would choose
But I'm sticking with the one that works
100 percent every time it's used
Now you can choose man,
but I recommend you choose God
I don't need a second opinion,
Dr. Jesus gets the heavenly nod

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