Which Nation Will I be Proud For

Which nation will I be proud?
Am I a shame of killing that I have initiate in this nation?
I turn away from being patriotic but choose to be a killer
I have lost my trustees as I kill my supporters

Which nation will I dwell without abuse on my back as I live in this nation?
I have remember what I make to ruin this nation and the lives of others
I hope displace persons and refugees are crying for my mistake
I lost of being good to them but I turn to be a bad leader to them

Where will I go for trading as my manner turn away my investor?
Where will I work as I look guilty?
Where will I walk along the road as I look guilty when I pass the people?
Which nation will I be free to be accepted?
With all abusive words around me are echo
The question will they forgive me really and accept me as one among them once more?

If they accept me, I’ll adhered to the code of conduct of this nation to conduct myself well
For I need to be forgiven to have a nation that I will be proud for
I’ll be happy and ready to be a good citizen that will cherish in good nation like South Sudan
Yes South Sudan

Forgive me my people I’ll reform to be the good leader that you long for
Yes, for I need your words for me to let me revive my inner being
Yes, your votes are important to me as I long I need to lead this nation South Sudan
Yes, I need you as you need me as your great leader
May God grantee us peace in this nation my country as God have given it to all us to dwell

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