Which One Is You?

The Sun rose high,
soon after the clouds came close forming a dome,
rains were to be welcomed, Villagers all in gale.
Floods soon followed, destroying flora and fauna,
our three men followed suit,
wanted to live longer, sail to the opposite shore by the lake,
methods different they adopted but destination one.

The first man didnt have to swim
for God carried him on his back,
he was full of dedication for the Lord,
needed he only the magic of God!
but not everyone is as lucky,
had we the second man who was full of strength and learning spirit,
learnt swimming from a monk someday,
the monk offered the swimming lesson as the God instructed,
Swam fast he across the lake to safety.

Alas, the last man wasn't a man to lose,
despite the fate God granted him,
he entered the water, tried to swim,
living for a dream was the secret,
moved his hands forward and pushed himself ahead,
there he was the greatest of all,
he loved fate but his fate didnt love him,
but love had to beat hatred and
land him on the shore...
Which one of them is you?

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