While Daydreaming About Timepiece Inventors

Who knows whence the measurement
of time came about, though this chap
proposes the following general happen
stance. Perhaps psalm body named Judas
Priest arranged to congregate, but cohorts
restless (sans Quiet Riot), did Accept
a Mercyful Fate asper their Iron Maiden pact,

but needed to reassure doubting Tom us
(a petty detail), how to coordinate self
anointed Black Sabbath. An Idol Billy
Graham proposed a resolution (this
coincidentally enough would be calculated,
figured, and interpolated vis a vis

to happen on New Years Eve circa
unknown when. Some metal-heads
put their Smashface together, and contrived
a crude modus operandi, which in
vol vid each musician to crank up
and amplify to the max his instrument of choice.

No matter distance extant between
closest and farthest member, would be
barely faintly heard. The era re: these
bit players didst dabble with primitive

chronometers comprised hamlets a mere
shouting distance apart. Once a quasi
reliant (and affordable) methodology
evolved, one singer songwriter

upped the (space/time quantum theory)
ante by conniving, fostering (the village
people), inviting live onstage performances.
Quite a bit of fancy free footloose gimcrackery

reckoned to be sale-able to sell at audiences,
thus drawing a Crowded House. None
the less, there remained the confounding,
irksome, pesky quandary sans figuring precision
concerning how to segment morning
to night cycle. Perhaps the town nerd
might own the (get) smarts to tinker

satisfactorily until...PRESTO! The purported
impossible mission solved with refinement
propelling one geek after the other into
the klieg lights if only for a blink of an eye!
A quick and easy (makeshift, albeit very temporary)
Cheap Trick would suffice in the interim
(which might entail many generations)
to rock a Super Tramp off The Farm.
Lo and behold a panacea arrived

in form of Jethro Tull. Beastie Boys
(more or less marauding hooligan gangs
comprised of Arctic Monkeys)
possessed an uncanny verve zeroing
in on the challenge to enable Crowd

source sing. They designed, hand
crafted, and linkedin all known know
ledge about mathematics and physics. One
contrivance edged out other equally
farcical gizmo. Via some lack of clarification
Badfinger referred both to the longer
of two needles pointers plus included

the entire mechanism. Individuals
would no longer find themselves
in Dire Straits getting someplace
with markedly greater accuracy.

Sooner or later a confluence of
beginners dumb luck witnessed
a Motley Crue, whereat brainstorm
(of course in tandem with consciousness
expanding material) yielded a great

burst of inventiveness within The
Human League, though after end
less modifications credit for
the handy dandy blues clues
pocket watch allotted
to a plethora of anonymous minds.

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This Poems Story

while contemplating thee "FAKE" new year, the basic premise of that artificial abstract concept of time evolved into the enclosed poetic vignette.