While It Lasts

While It Lasts
I wish I could tell you the pain,
The pain that I go through every day,
How my eyes go numb by the very thought?
The very thought of you being away,
When my nerves have thirst flowing through them rather than blood,
How nocturnal my brain has forced to be?
How my ego crushes my fingers?
On the very thought of texting you,
But you were better, refined,
And above me,
I thought death was inevitable,
But your absence was,
The thought came to my mind,
That love was foolish,
That falling for you was nonsense,
Simply lust for popularity, lust for attention,
But it was later that I realized that all these thoughts were unaccompanied by reason,
You are cruel and attentive,
Even when you left, you did not cause a mere heartbreak,
But took a part of my soul,
The part in which my patience, anxiety and will existed,
But then you force me to regenerate that part and convert it into a wall of stone,
A wall that won’t break and let my soul flee,
That wall will now a contain a soul that is better,
A soul that has inherited its furthermost successor,
My mistake was never confessing,
While you never asked,
After all this reader,
Never take me as a lover who couldn’t succeed,
But as an observer who was unable to express his observation,
A boxer who couldn’t punch and a poet who still couldn’t write!

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