While you sleep

By Elle   

While you sleep peacefully
I am awake

I am awake
From nightmares of the guns you have stuck in my face

I am awake
From the words you have screamed at me

I am awake
From the threats that have poured like water from your angry mouth

I am awake
And yet you sleep

The war within you has spilled out onto me
Your war polluted the safety of my little world

Your war has given me it’s only gift
New perspective on men, on life, on my future

One day soon I’ll eradicate you from my life
Like a disease only your invisible scars will be left behind

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Key Words : Relationships, domestic violence, breakup, divorce, ptsd

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This Poems Story

As a victim of domestic violence I sat there so many nights watching this man who claimed to love me sleep peaceful while I couldn\'t. I would be up from nightmares of the violence. I wrote this while planning my escape. It gave me hope for a better more peaceful life.