Whimpers Of An Empty Soul

Shhhhhh listen do you hear that? The whimpers of an empty soul.
No need to worry God is in control.
You are a strong woman, God loves you with all.
What would you be without him, nothing at all?
Dry your tears and have no fear the things that are
presented are not what they seem.
Satan is a liar a deceiver is he the things
that he shows you are not worthy of thee.
Your heart is just mending don't rush it to
be in time you'll be happy, Gods love is for free.
Cast out those who aren't worthy and set focus
on sight God will not mislead you or cause a big fight.
Why do you still look for someone to fill the hole
inside that God is trying to heal?
Each day that we live should be for Jesus name,
but instead we search for money and fame.
Sometimes I wonder what should I do but then
I remember it's all because of you.
I'm finally at peace with all that's inside I
don't need nothing but God by my side.........

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