Whimsy is the ocean,mysterious and deep
I'm Drowning in emotions,helpless and so weak
When I see her,waves of joy and pain
Roll over me,inside my brain
Whimsy is the ocean,and I'm trapped in her undertow.
Whimsy,wild and free,you're my fantasy.Perfect beauty.
Whimsy,windswept hair,face so fair,eyes sky blue.
Whimsy is an island,separate and alone
Surrounds herself with silence.
No bridge,no boat no phone.
It's hard to know her point of view
She only speaks when spoken to
Whimsy is an island ,how I yearn to be stranded there.
Whimsy,comes to me,in a vivid dream.We're so happy
Whimsy,makes me feel,whole and real.I love you
Whimsy is a rainbow,shimmering and bright
I watch her through my window,a goddess dressed in light

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