Whipping Boy


I need to
Let him out
Set him free
Before he hurts me
I’m holding him, he’s biting me
When he should be biting you
I’ll do my best, but no promises
After all, you started this.

I just want him to calm down
You know what he is,
You have one too
It’s the fragmented part of you
The tear stained, bloody blanket
Of broken promises, fear and abandonment
You need to learn how to live with it
You need to learn when it’s appropriate
To let him run loose,
Part of you will always need to break things
But you can’t stop the cycle of breaking people,
What happened to me wasn’t my fault,
But it is my responsibility.
I’m his whipping boy forever
I won’t let him hurt anyone,
Even if you deserve it.
It’d be easier though,
To set him free
But I would feel weak
If I allowed my pain to hurt someone else
The way that so many hurt me.

After all, you didn’t really start this.

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