He's like whiskey
That burn, that sting and that leave you wanting more feeling
yet he calls me trouble says i'm tempting
for these emotions there's no repenting.
with those deep brown eyes and that deadly smile, he steals my heart everytime
You see, our relationship is complicated, a fantasy that's dated, so absolutely wrong but feels so right, like the way he kissed me that night.
palms covered my cheeks as he pulled me close, hearts racing, head spinning,
my body shaking, i told you things were complicated.
It's heard to describe what my heart is feeling, yet with this man there's no pretending.
He drive me crazy, he drives me nuts, he turns me on and it's not just lust
he backs me up against the wall, says he'll catch me if i fall
but in reality he can't really be mine, maybe in the next lifetime.
The battle is empty, my sight is blurry,
the night is dark that's when he kissed me,
As i stumbled to get in bed, thoughts of him plagued my head.
Guess that's what i get for drinking

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This Poems Story

This is about a forbidden type of lust, a wanting that can't be fulfilled in this lifetime