Lost between all words
Unable to find that sacred place in your heart
Secrets unravel and yet there is no escape
Dark shadows that follow you with every step that's taken
Fear beneath the skin, while happiness feels forsaken
That light so dim that only continues to darken
Silent cries behind the mind has your body shaking
A way to escape the burden that's held on to you for so long.
As that first love song cuts you with blades
Changing the lyrics so yr sorrow n dismay fades
Questions unanswered while others told with heartbreak truth
Your blood running ice cold as yr veins run without a trace
To say everything was perfect and planting that smile only contradicting myself to others
breaking words with silence to save myself from tomorrow
Selfishness that carries on from yesturday traveling to everything that surrounds me, protecting my innocence is my defense
Your voice so soft yet so tense left me in a daze
It was my choice that left me at the end with unbelievable struggles
Crawling to my safe house on my knees begging my strength to take over because I refuse to surrender.

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