Whisper of a Mellow Wind

Whisper of a mellow wind
Let this feeling come along
And hope that you would hear
What it's telling you in a song...

My life has been so empty
My heart, a broken vessel
Love was distant memory
Filled with pain and misery

While my heart is uncertain
And my feelings ebb and flow
Of one thing I am certain
I will never let you go

Loving you has set me free
From the nightmares of my past
And the core of my existence
Beneath the sorrow of my path

So how do you mend a broken soul?
Begging to be restored in your presence
Aching for a love unreturned
Pleading for a chance to be with you

I close my eyes but I still see you
In my every waking moment, you are there
I see you in my dreams
Do you see me in yours?

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