Whispers in the wind, angels humming, wings fluttering
Be still for the wind blows, listen quietly without a sound
Calm your beating heart, it's just whispers in the wind
Close your eyes, and empty the mind, to the whispers of the wind
Settling over you, cleansing your soul
Our father cries out, can you hear his voice?
Kill no more waste not, what you have gained
Our mother cries, for the years gone by
Her tears flow upon the whispers in the wind
A cool mist placed upon your face
Feed the children, take nothing from them, but give them all
For their freedom comes, in the whisper of the wind
It catches all who may fall
Hold them high, like the stars, that dance up in the sky
Their generation will be our whispers in the wind
Bow your heads, for wisdom clings to the strings of the whispers
Share the streams, that our father has given
For your brother drinks its life, too
The bear gathers for a taste, to carry its strength beyond
With him a seed will grow, so nurture it, as this is your fame
Always be connected to each other, as the wind whispers your name
It speaks to a chosen few, so listen well my friend
Can you hear the whisper? It tells tales of love, not pain nor war
It whispers of the beauty, that flows within
Call to the whispers in the wind
Live once again

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