Whispers of Love, Forevermore

By OGDarby   

The day I saw my mama last, tears streamed from her eyes,
A heart-wrenching farewell, as our paths began to divide.
Once again, we were torn apart, forced to separate,
Praying fervently that my nightmare would never materialize, our bond to devastate.

Now she's gone, unleashed a beast within, ready to conquer and defend,
The games of life unfold, as I navigate the twists and bends.
But amidst it all, my heart aches for what I couldn't convey,
No chance to say goodbye, to behold your beautiful face one last day.

Oh, mama, your love forever etched deep within my soul,
A longing to hold you close, to make you feel whole.
Regret fills my being, for the words left unsaid,
But I carry your love within me, as I forge ahead.

In this relentless journey, where battles are fought and won,
I'll honor your memory, till the setting of the sun.
With each step I take, your courage fuels my stride,
Guiding me through darkness, as a beacon of light beside.

Time may pass, seasons may change, but my love remains true,
An unbreakable bond, between me and you.
Always and forever, your spirit I will embrace,
In every trial I face, your love will provide solace.

Until the day I make it back home, to your loving embrace,
I'll press on, driven by love, courage, and grace.
For you, my mama, I'll conquer mountains tall,
Knowing that your love will catch me if I fall.

In the depths of my heart, our connection will endure,
Whispering words of love, steadfast and pure.
For even in the distance that keeps us apart,
Our souls are entwined, forever woven, heart to heart.

So, fear not, dear mama, for I carry you near,
Your love, my guiding light, through every doubt and fear.
With unwavering devotion, I'll tread this path unknown,
Until the day I return, and we're reunited, our love fully shown.

Through the trials we face, our bond will never sever,
Whispering love's melody, united, now and forever.

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Tags : Loss, in memory of, mom, moma

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