Whispers of the Heart 1

now I know that fairy tails never come true
but I thought mine did when I was with you
I never believed in love till I met you
and now my heart is shattered in two
why did I fall for you
why couldn't I keep the doors of my heart shut to you
I placed my heart in the palm of your hands
you held it but, then gave up and snuffed out the pulls
and wondered off to seek yourself
I wanted to follow but I had to let you go, for I love you
I had to let you slip between my firm grip
and kiss you for the last time,even though it pains me so
their is not right time to fall in love but, this time I did with you
I know our paths are different but somehow we crossed
and went down it together dreaming of a family and a life in
the future together,I wish I could go back, erase and repeat the good
time and do over the mistakes,I love you my love
but you have not seen or excepted me for me or loved me for me
I would wait for you if you asked till the end of time
I would have come back to you after all that I've done
If you'll still have me where in life you might be
I will stop wishing you could wait for me
for you want to move on with life and forget about me
I know you said you don't climb trees
but why wont you climb the tree of life
with me

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