Whispers of the Heart

Whispers of the Heart
Softly, gently, ever so slight.
Humble whispers escape one’s lips to other’s delight.
Overwhelming beauty and such grace,
Fuels the fire within one’s soul at such a rapid pace.
Longing for such love and desire,
The look in gazing eyes leaves one with much to desire.
Such suppleness in those insatiable lips,
Makes one’s entire body crave even the tiniest of sips.
With each touch, the heart flutters with a stronger, more rapid beat.
Eager to feel the warmth of another’s love, connecting in synchrony, like two beings dancing between the sheets.
A connection so deep and so very real,
Leaves a permanent imprint in the depths of the heart, with its own seal.
Beauty within that will always remain secure,
Not likely to ever be replaced by anything less pure.

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