Whistle in the Wind

On sunny days, the children play
On rainy days, the children pray
On gloomy days, I wander about,
Going in and going out
I walk into the bending woods
Fly away? I wish I could
A drop of rain hits my chin,
And all I hear is the whistle in the wind
The birds are chirping,
The fox is lurking
My hair now soaked with rain,
Helps to wash away all my pain
The ground turns to mud,
My clothes are dampened from this flood
Close my eyes, and breathe it all in,
Listen to the whistle in the wind
The trees are dripping with raindrops,
The sorrow is just all nonstop
Now the full moon has come out,
I'll take the longer route
All of the world has sinned,
So I'll just listen to the whistle in the wind

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