White wisps everywhere
flowing through the wind,
gorgeous as the flakes shine off the street lights.
All I can see while driving is the
snowflakes falling on my windshield.
I look upward to the flurry of fragile beauty and think,
this wouldn't be a bad way to go:
the flakes flowing and falling all around,
being the last thing to see.
Such beauty in it,
a beautiful tragedy.
I can see the streetlights' yellow tint
as the flakes pass through its beam.
Then there are sirens that pierce through the silence,
the blue and red lights glowing bright in the pitch black sky
as the snowflakes are visible again.
Then everything stops
then starts again.
White flurries everywhere I look
and I'm running, running like never before,
happier than I thought possible.
The flakes fall and whirl and twirl around me as
I start to blend in to the whiteness.
I see gates ahead golden in color,
the closer I get the wider they open.
Light shines through as the snow begins to fall harder.
It's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen
With everything white.

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