White Crystal clouds

Clouds are made of tiny drops of water or ice crystals that settle on dust particles in the atmosphere ice crystals remind me of snow that can flow down like ice crystals .
But sometimes it doesn't have to be actually ice crystals it can be your everyday life.
How I wish to have a new car
How I wish to have my temps
How I wish to have my own house
How I wish for my family to be out of poverty.
Us Americans can be spoilled but it depends but it depends if you are going to make a stand.

A stand to have a good heart and never make a mark.
A stand to help the poor and don't ignore.
A stand to help the sick no mater what happens and never run and be slick.
A stand to help the hunger and never let theme WAIT any longer.

The richest North American country is United States: $18.562 trillion (up 2.9%)11.
Yes I might want the ice crystals yes I might want a car I even, might want to get my Temps.
yes I might want my own house and yes my family is in poverty.
but you can be the Ice Crystal yourself and not go to the left and just"help others and watch and see how your crystals will come anyway.
So leave a legacy and don't be in a fantasy.
don't be a spoiled American".

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