White Diamonds

She smelled like White Diamonds, it was her favorite perfume.
Now there is a bottle of it, that sits untouched in my bedroom.
I got it for Christmas, a month after she went away.
Even though I'm tempted, I haven't opened it still to this very day.
I can not taste her cooking, see her face, hear her voice, or feel her touch.
So to smell her scent without all the rest hurts a little too much.
I was at the grocery store the other day, when I smelled it in the air,
And as if by reflex, I suddenly turned, but she wasn't there.
I miss her with everything in me, even my five senses feel the loss of her presence.
It isnt as simple as a bottle of perfume, but more about her essence.
Pain, nostalgia, and memories all wrapped up in its mist.
One day when I am strong enough, I will break its seal, and spray a little on my wrist.
And carry a little piece of her with me always, like she's somewhere in the room.
Because my mother loved the smell of White Diamonds, it was her favorite perfume.

for sweet annie

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This Poems Story

When I smelled the perfume my mom wore I am instantly hit with so many emotions at once. On the anniversary of her death, I wrote this not only for her, but for myself.