White Fire

White fire, my love and my desire
Flames so unique, burning in my heart
Coming from those white flames like the
beautiful Phoenix that you are, is you, in all
your white ashes
I follow you, my bright and shiny star

White fire, you couldn't be any more special...
I will never burn
I will never suffocate
I will never die
As long as you're flaming in my heart, white fire

White fire, may you never be smothered by me
Keep burning, my white fire, my love and my desire
Keep shining, keep setting my soul on fire,
my white fire

I throw myself in your eternal fire, untouched
Engulfed in your bright flames, unhurt
Burning in front of me, yet not harmed
I'm warmed but not hot

The fire alarm will sound off, but will never
ever douse your unique flames, white fire
White fire, light my torch which is my
heart, and never go out

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