White Noise

I feel it course in my bones tonight
Finally, fire bright enough to set me alight
I flail a little harder whenever you bite
I’m sorry I can’t stop putting up a fight

So be yourself, pin me down
Whip me harder baby, melt my crown
Inhale the air of pleading sounds
Make me bleed a river to stay aroused

I can feel your heart assaulting mine
This melding burns with our skin intertwined
Your beauty ridden face glistens in my eyes
And somehow, all I smell is sour wine

Let me part, and I can be shy
I’m a little numb, but still I’ll try
I’ll smile, I’ll laugh and I’ll help you cry
Because I’ve lived too long embracing a lie

Once in a while, I yearned to be adored
I’d brave any road to never be a bore
But tonight I see all my heroics were for
And nothing scares me anymore

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