White Window

As i’m looking out the white window beside my bed
I am looking into the spirit of nature itself
Finally outside of my head
Glistening in the daylight fall air of leafless trees
It’s as if they are aware of me looking at their lives
They can hear my heavy heartbeat one at a time
As the clouds race further to the end of sky lines
I wonder who was made the marks of man
White whispers of tree bark slowly decomposing
The clear sun dances upon the shadows of the earth
As i am the sun in the end wondering in such darkness
In order to obliviate everything that is of hate in the world
For the trees that are dead looking at me wondering who am i ?
Why are you here on my earth? As the bark strips itself calmy
I now see the soul of the tree as beautiful as me
The shadows of the sun whisper i am as to you are me
Grasping my spirit wandering inside of the timber oak
Holding my lungs i breathe of photosynthesis of leaves
I am now you as you are to me
Once was a human being now i breathe green and red and yellow
So gentle and Oh’ how old the trees be beside me
They have seen the best and the worst of human beings
Standing ever so tall in the fall air
Pointing their love to the sun
Their eyes of branches stare
Never judging of any, no signs of beware
Roots are sitting in earth so still
No storm no hate of nature can rip out their heart
Branches and leaves may fall as their lungs will never be killed
Breathing in the dirt of heavy Earth of my dearest of Earth
Gently calm breezes responds to the hours of need of trees
Just as the mouth of man yawns for the brain to grasp it’s own breath
These trees are the brains of the earth
Soon i will become the breath of a tree
A silent white whisper of red yellow and green of leaves falling
Believe the end of the dark days for i will become the part of sun
As i was once the part of man
A part of a white cloud sleeping upon the skies
Settling on the bark of a tree trunk
As a spirit of once was me turning into a leaf on a tree
Sitting on a branch waiting for my change of colors of red yellow and green
The shadows of the sun whisper i am as to you are me
Forever in this earth i was planted
To embark of the world of nature outside of this white window i see
I am forever a seed reborn in this nature of green

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