Who Am I ?

How would you describe yourself
For that I have no response
They are no words suited for me

Not because I believe I’m indescribable
But there will forever be change It’s not fair to describe me as what I am now not knowing what’s ahead

If you want to envision me imagine a girl always searching for something more
Regardless if there is anything else to be found, a dreamer who likes obscurity
Dark circles and tired eyes always wanting to be out on the road on a drive

My life has always been filled with unexpected change
Some of it has hurt me & crushed me making me feel as if nothing was left
But thru it all I’m still living and learning and that’s all that matters in the end

Despite difficulty’s and me distorting my own reality
Distancing myself and others distancing themselves from me
I’m aware I can make it on my own and no longer am I scared of being alone
-Ciara Schultz

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This Poems Story

When we are young we were asked what we wanna be and in school to describe ourselves . This poem is about me feeling lost and mourning past loves and friendships and talks about the people who are no longer in my life . It talks about me growing as a person and no longer relying on others for happiness because that will only end in tragedy because you need self love way before you receive it from someone else and I'm still on my journey to better myself and figuring out who I am . I have not been able to travel far but I always enjoy cruises on the highway and exploring areas . When awake I am dreaming and the same goes for when asleep it is continuous . My imagination is vivid and that is the best and worst thing about me because sometimes it becomes out of a hand and taken way to far and I loose touch of how people really are and what my reality is because it is hard to deal with at times .