Who Am I

Who am I

Who am I..
I asked the sun
The stellar furnace
Scorching me
Throughout the day...

Just a photon
Some times, a particulate matter..
Some times, an emotional wave..
The dual nature
An apparent reality..
The sun beamed a little..

A gentle breeze
Passes by
Who am I
I asked..

A dust dot
Floating in air..

The wind gave
A soothening touch..

The sky was blue and calm
And I searched
The answer there

You are just Emptiness
The answer was sharp..

Who am I
I screamed
The sea was also

Just a water molecule
Dancing in the troughs
And crusts
Answered the tidal waves..

Then I looked downwards
Who am I..
You are dear to me
Mother Earth smiled..

Now I understand
I am a quantum dot
With five dimensional
Moving in space and time..
In a zig zag way..

The journey levels
Are not continuous..
But quantised..

I have to jump
From one level
To the other..

Until I reach
The outermost orbital...

Where the
Interaction with ' I '

Is a minimum..

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