Who Am I?

I am an independent and unbreakable girl because of my
strong parents & grandparents who encourage me to work
hard. My heart beats with hope and dreams. I am a girl
who never lets the perseverance sink deep into the
salty,sky blue,wavy and free ocean. I am a girl who
has confidence in my very own soul,not peer pressured.
I also don't have confidence in cruel souls that make
fun of my unique Pakistani culture.
I am a person who never stops thinking about where the
mind of my future will land in this world one day. My
history was gloomy because of the harsh words floating
inside of me. But know all of them sank down deep down
inside of me. I believe I'm an intelligent girl and
have an incredible mind that digs deep inside my mind
as if it were the ground. I know what the definition of
life is and knows how it flows. I'm a human who is
proud of myself, and I know where I will fall one day.
I'm a joyful girl and the gratitude level is high. I'm
somebody who never tries to develop a soul that doesn't
belong to me. I have a gallon of patience. I'm looking
forward to life-the lemons that are easy to squeeze,
and I'm sitting tall and ready for the prickly vines
to poke in my eyes or stab in my arms no matter what. I
am going to stay me,whether I'm pretty & gorgeous or
ugly&filthy.I'm independent&unbreakable,and there is
no reason for me to forget my personalities.I'm me.

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