Who am I ?

An inward journey in life,
For finding the truth,
Somewhere hiding inside,
Resisting to show up.
With full of ups and downs,
With constant change of emotions,
Life is nothing but,
A chaotic experiment by the supreme.
Neurotransmitters playing hide and seek,
Heart beating like an untrained wrestler,
Life seems to be just a game,
Played by a worst gamer.
Dreams and aspirations,
Shattered by my own mind,
Makes me question,
Who am I?
Questions flowing without answers,
Like a bird searching for water in a desert,
Am I a play store for these chemicals,
Or Is there a real Me?
The answers could hit me anytime,
But why should I stop searching?
I might be under the action of a magical wand,
Controlled by God,
Or I might be the God himself,
Who knows?

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