Who Am I


I was lost, but I didn’t know it
Deep in sin, and I was numb to it
Turned my back on the truth, and settled for lies
Forgetting who I am, I lost all close ties
Didn’t even mask it and wear an nice tie
To try and hide all the pain I felt inside
One thing led to the next on this dark spiral
Wanting anything but my sins to go viral
I let pain claim the throne, cause he came as my friend
Never realizing how dark this game would end
Searching for all the things this world would recommend
As I sat and flipped my pain onto all my friends
Can’t blame it on the world, and can’t blame it on my friends
I’m the only one to blame for all my sins
And yes it really hurt, and yes there were some tears
And yes I felt overwhelmed by all my fears
But now I remember that the Lord is still here!

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