Who am I?

21/12/2020 01:51:09

*I'm not who you think I am.*

I receive massive amounts of information about myself, and the world around me, simply by changing what I choose to focus on.

I am a little bit of everything and nothing like anything.

I am one with myself, and yet I am not at all myself.

I am only that which I am able to recall and recreate.
I understand Time as a natural currency that I am able to trade for anything at all, and nothing simultaneously.

The very medium in which I exist maintains my physical nature that is of itself composed from the enveloping symphonic world of chaos.

I am forced to adapt to an environment that changes both frequently and not at all, following no imaginable pattern or schedule; perpetually and indefatigably.

Everywhere I exist, I leave a piece of myself and take with me a piece of what I experience.

In a world designed to satisfy any need that may arise, I find myself needing nothing except that which I have; yet I am never satisfied.

It was not my choice to come here, I had other dreams; yet everything just feels right, exactly the way it is, despite a myriad of attempts to alter the path in futility.

I am here, not by mistake, but rather as a direct result of a calculated decision made by forces I may never understand; yet I am unable to shake the desire to understand them.

I've experienced many existences, and they're largely the same with many drastic differences.

I've always been exactly what I am, despite changing form multiple times during my existence, corporeally molded and reshaped by my temporal transactions.

I've learned that what is important is not the journey, but the Time spent along the way; the best of which is spent appreciating my own existence.

21/12/2020 17:51:00

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