Who Am I?

I am the girl who doesn't know
How to express her emotions correctly
I am the girl who always seems to mess everything up
I sit in class wondering
If I will ever get anything right
Just once I would love
To be the girl who knows what she is doing
I am the girl who can't seem to understand happiness
I am the girl who doesn't know
What happened to the girl she used to be
The child who had the perfect family
The perfect friends
The perfect life
What have I become to not be able to find perfection
I guess I grew up and realized perfection isn't reality
It's different now knowing I can't turn back time
Before the mistakes were made
Back to when I didn't care what others said about me
Now it's all I can think about
How imperfect I am with all of my flaws and rough spots
I am not me
And that's what hurts more than anything

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