Who Am I?

Like the tall grasses I stand
Like the wind I whistle
Like the sun I am warm
Who am I?

When the night unravels its strength
I still stand
I whistle through the night
And I unfurl my warmth through the lands

Frostbites are fast-spreading on my fingertips
Sending shivers down my arms
But I bite back on them
Melting each with my fierce heat

The heat of the sun which I behold
The call of the wind which I commend
The unwavering might of the tall grasses which is mine
I am everything and nothing

And this I praise

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This Poems Story

I question absolutely everything and anything, which is probably why I write so much. When I wrote this poem, I had asked myself what makes something stand out against everything. I then wondered what it would be like if someone or something were to be all of those things and/or none of them. I do realize that there are many metaphors which I had reason to put. They thoroughly describe what one would feel if lost in emotion and trapped in trying to understand who they really are. Identity is truly one of the most important things to one's self.