Who Am I

I am spoken with the kindest words.
Like the song of a hummingbird.
As if I'm a rose; pick at me long enough and I'll show you my core.
Don't bring me up just to tear her down,
I won't allow you to do that anymore.
I am the gateway to your soul.
I'm best when warm, but often served cold.
I touch you and you are left with chills.
Like Elsa freezing Ana for wearing her frozen hills.
Your breath is so sensitive to me.
I've been burned by the sound of your affection at the mention of me.
I am as swift as the wind.
Trying to figure out of this storm is my beginning or end.
Manipulating you to give in to the feeling of my ways.
Since back in your high school days.
You've been waiting to get a call from me for some time.
I'm moments away if you stay on the phone line.
I am fire to butter say my name and I will cause you to melt.
Take me in vain and you will hurt them and yourself.
Speak to softly and they won't hear you.
As if, you're a ghost they can't hear say boo.
Listen carefully! I am not to be messed with.
Like I'm some random you just pulled off a check list.
I am NOT to be thrown out. I am NEVER to be said with doubt.
I am NOT time, it gets hard to recover from damage caused by me.
I am NOT your mother or father, but it gets hard to live without me.
I ALWAYS answer when you call.
Through the good, maybe the bad, but I'll help settle it all.
I will fit tight to you always and forever like a super hero glove.
For my name is love.

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