Who Am I

In this life doing good doing right
Help everyone out, the future seems so bright
Loving girlfriend, amazing kids
It all comes crashing down, out of control my life skids
It hurts inside, the pain is unreal
So I turn to a world, drugs, manipulating, lies, everyone will steal
It's a dark world, you cannot be nice
I'm hittin licks-it's all about that ice
The dope world, this is a crazy game
I trust no one-all I have is shame
In this crazy new life
All I want to do is cut so I carry a knife
Deal with spun, paranoid people-**** em all
The lies the stealing the killing-you will fall
So on to the next lick, I need my fix
I need a new rig, my vein is getting hard to stick
Draw the blood, shoot the dope
I need that rush. I have no hope
As time goes by- I NEED HELP
I miss my son- I NEED HELP
I'm tired of the dope world, nothing but shame
I only have myself to blame
A whole new world, rehab is a new light
These demons, these nightmares-I keep up the good fight
My head is so clouded, I lost who I was, my soul
Just think, it started with a line and a bowl

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