Who Am I ?

I walk through the shadows everyday
Dark Shadows has nothing on me
I prefer to be a loner because I have nothing to share with thee
I spoke with Alice Cooper, and she said she would
speak to Dr. Julia Hoffman
As soon as she could reach her
while she was getting out of her Coffin
I was in no real hurry
because time is always on my side
I have a crush on Barnabus Collins....
I would like to be his Bride
Francis Swann doesn't like that
She feels she had met him first
She went to Pennberry Jones to see
if she was able to put me under a curse.
I was too clever for that....
I had already contacted my Psychic Angelique.
She looked into my future
I knew that my fate was most definitely on
the line
Luckily for me....
I found out what I was facing just in the knick of time.
My life is extremely complicated, and I refuse to live like most
I am almost non existing....and I live very similar to a Ghost
I gave all of you enough time,
and certainly enough has already been said
If you guessed me correctly.....
You would all know that I Am The Living DEAD!

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