Who Am I?

I am more than a warm body
I am more than my school number
My voice is a weapon, though I stay quiet
They say a queen knows when yo open her mouth
Only a fool wastes their air
And I am no fool
I don't speak much on my past
For the whole truth would make you not want to cast,
Cast away this rotten treacherous life

The last of my innocence was left
On that street called Union, when I fell off my bike
But I was the shots that changed me
The person I always looked up to
Was lying dead on the cold concrete
No more warmth left in her
Shot in cold blood
So cold, her blood ran blue
Later to find out I was the target
Since then I have been a straight-shooter
Shooting for the goal,
The goal of going to college and making a difference

I am the change that's coming
I am the future I am transcending to better
I am me

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