Who Am I?

I love being social but I hate when I'm not alone,
I never call people but I'm always on my phone,
I love playing sports but I was never on a team,
I like having friends but they're never what they
I love getting money but I don't even have a job,
I think a lot of things are gross but I'm usually such
a slob.
I'm never ever busy but I'm always doing things,
I love my attitude but I don't know what it will bring,
I complain about everything but I'm always in control,
you can take away my life but you can never take my
I always follow the leader but the leader is always me,
I'm losing all these chances but I still can't even see.
Everything will come and everything must go,
all these different sides of me I'd be putting on a show,
I hate being a kid but I don't wanna grow up,
my friends liked me but they never asked what's up,
I get caught up in everything so I miss what's right
I always think about myself and to some it's not fair.
I always end up finding things I never even lost,
I'm doing all these actions but I don't realize what they'll
I hate when people use me but I always let them do,
all these false things about me I convince myself they're
I thought I could be so much but I liked the opposites,
I cushioned myself with compliments, but it was never
a soft sit,
I wore my problems on my sleeve but it never ever fit.

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