Who Am I

When I hid behind the dark corner to escape the visibility
When you saw me one day, and the next I was covered in a cloak
Where you saw me standing opposite of them
Who you saw me pass a note to
Where you put me with your words and isolated insults
When you shoved us hard into the black railing
When you dismembered me from the known
When you handed me a piece of hopelessness
When you shamed yourself inside and not out
When you stared your insensitive light into my now blind eyes
When you swept me through my own tears.
Guess where I was?
Behind you,Laughing
making a fool of you while you continued to stalk my shadow
thinking you were bigger, better.
I watched in sadness, but could not expose my tears
for they would distinguish mine and my own.
Then they would try and change me
but I am.
I am who I was born to be.
I am who you could never match.
I am who God created me to be.
I am in God's image.
I am exactly who I say I am,
And that shadow....well
She's laughing at you too.

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