Who Am I?

I hate feeling like nothing
I wish i could put my words and emotions and turn them into something
I feel so lost and alone, like no one truly cares,
And truthfully all i get back is dark blank stares.
I'm not being heard, No one seems to understand who i am!
I'm jealous, I'm selfish, I'm insecure and I'm scared.
But thats only a part of who i am.
These are my flaws.
Who i am as a person,
I care to often
I love to much
And i trust to many.
I see the good in people when everyone else see's nothing,
I'd go out of my way for people that wouldn't cross puddles for me.
But i always forgive, And yet never forget.
My flaws get in the way of who i am at times
But who would i be if my flaws and faults never exsisted?

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