Who am I and what matters

Wake up Bc its morning ,
Time for school.
Slip on my uniform
Like the same robotic motion .
Everyday the same
I sit in class and listen ;
It sounds like a ramble in my head .
Feeling like a walking zombie waiting for the day to end .
A min feels like eternity .
When will it end .
I go home
Homework ,study ,tests .
And what's my end result
It's always the same
failure .
My brain flying through thoughts
A mile a minute,
Make it stop .
It tells me ur a failure .
Just give it up .
Ur not capable .
Ull never reach success .
But I continue w the same robotic motion ;
Wake up go to school
Homework,tests ,failure .
Till one day i can no longer fathom
It .
It broke me ;
Took my spirt and rip it into a million pieces.
I no longer even know who I am .
My worth is measured through a grade on the test .
I'm no longer the confident happy person I used to be .
Where has the girl gone ?
What have I become ?
My life has become
A life of overworked under slept
Just to make me believe I am great.
But I am great .
It doesn't matter what that
Grade on test says .
That doesn't determine my worth .
All it means
Is u r good under pressure
And picking a correct answer.
But that doesn't determine
Me ,my intelligence my talent ,my worth.
Because all those things are there
waiting for me
To get up and see ,
Who I really am .

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