Who Am I, mocked the Turtle

Awake, awake the diligent cried
My good friend, let not the day go by…
Let not the sun alone do shine
For it is time, it is time…
Once again it is time

But the turtle not a move did make
Not a sound or faction fake
Again the diligent cried awake!
Awake, awake, it’s getting late
And you must face your fate
A small voice carried with it sound
As four feet planted on the ground
And slowly did the head appear
And questioned why time was near
And why the diligent shed a tear

As the black pot boiled hard
The diligent tossed in a pound of lard
Onions do affect me so
So question not your time to go
But the turtle just said –no?

Who am I that fate must bind?
A life to which I cannot find
Any reason, cause or ground
To which a fate I must be bound
Who am I mocked the turtle

Who am I that time does beckon
And the sun alone can’t reckon
Or see too clear alone do shine
This reason for its fate –not mine
This reason for its course with time

Wanting to avoid the dread
The diligent bowed his head and said
You are wanted by those who need
And that is why I wake your breed
The others they must feed

Very well the turtle sighed
But know that before this day goes by
It is not my soul that fate does steal
It is not my fate that time does seal
Nor will I go with great appeal

With a hatred in my heart so bold
The story of the hopeless will unfold
A bitter taste of justice fine
A want of sorrow’s fruitful wine
Mocked the turtle, now it’s time…
The black pot boiled with a fury
But the turtle he did not worry
I will leave this life of dread
Point dueling noted the diligent said
A knife in hand not meant for bread

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