Who Are They?

Who are they?
The girl without any special flare
and the a tattoo that says 'don't'?
The girl with the blank stare
and the heart that had been turned to stone?

Who are they?
That boy with the cigarette scars on his arms
and the permanent scowl etched onto his face?
That boy, that boy who did not know love
and only knew the comfort of harm?

Who are they?
She with the innocent eyes and the wild pink hair,
she who knows no affection?
She sleeps in men's beds hoping to be seen and wishing to be rare,
she who only wants to be someone's perfection?

Who are they?
He with the sad smile and the tags around his neck,
he who's father is dead?
He with the blurry memories that only leave him a wreck,
he who swears an oath and takes home on a bunk bed?

Who are they?
They are who they chose to become and not what you define.
They are the one you keep away,
they are the ones who are in your bloodline.

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