Who Are We?

Could You Give Me Just a Moment To Myself
Feel Like I'm Living My Life For Everybody Else
Society Forcing You To Conform
Bully You If You're Different, Or Not of the Social Norm
Tattooed, Smart, Ugly, Short, Fat, Gay Or Tall
Who Gave You The Right to Beat Someone Down to Where They Can't Recover From the Fall
Beatings In The Alley Way or Threatening Looks in The Hall
I Never Gave a Fuck of What The World Thought of Me
I Smashed Glass Bottles on The Court House at a Quarter to Three
The Witching Hour, Where Friends Come Out Because Darkness Holds All Their Power
Deadly Night Shade, Shadowing a 6 inch Blade, Innocent With a Punctured Ribcage
Captains of Evil, Corrupt Preachers Teaching The People
So Who are We?
Born and Raised To Never Want To Be, Anything Less Than a King

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