Who Are You?

Is it the color of the skin?
The condition of the eyes
The tone of the voice
The dark past of a smile?

The creator we pray to
Is the creator who made who.. Are you?
When we walk the same ground
When we breath the same air
When we eat the same foods
When we whisper similar prayers?

Who are you?
When you escape your realizations
By making accusations
By ridiculing others by making fun of mines
All cause the ear is prone to some dumb stereotypes

Who are you?
Black, White, a girl or a dude, tall, short, Muslim or a Jew?
Standing on the same nation
Running off the same patience
So who are you to say I'm alone?
When all we are, are just skin and bones
Different in no way, we're just different clones
History written on old flint stones

And in the end, we all share the same names
And we all become neighbors
Eternity in graves.

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