Who Are You?

Look into the mirror, what do you see?
When you're walking, who's shoes are you in?
When you're talking, who's voice are you speaking?
Think and reflect, or are you using someone else's brain?
Your emotions and feelings, do they come from your heart?
Your actions, are they own by you or are you another person
Breathe in and out,
tell me is that your breath or are you breathing someone else's air?
Look around you,
and please tell me you see your own view
and not someone else's perspective
When you're dressing yourself,
do you wear what people tell you to wear or do you express yourself?
Speak to me, or are you going to censor yourself for others?
Look at yourself, who are you?
Feel yourself, is that your body?
Taste what you eat, or is someone controlling that as well?
Hear the sounds around you,
do you hear that or are your ears
controlled to hear what others want you to hear?
And now smell the air around you,
do you smell that or is your sense of smell polluted as well?

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