Who Are You?

Who are you?

You came into my life as easy harmony
Prince Charming that I met at church.
I always wondered if there was any games with you or was it just the playoffs or a play.

Memorial memories was a simple day at the pool , Thai food, a walk and watching the bachelorette.
Could this bachelor that I'm dating be the one?

June was Japan
Not a day went by with out a message.
July was joy filled.
With another church visit, Elephant talks, and a start of what I thought was a relationship.

Each Sunday become a fun day with Game of thrones.

August we decided to climb new heights and see if Judas was really innocent.
Truth be told Judas was you.

Hurricane Harvey came and wipe away so many of people 's belongs.
But you wiped away the memories of us.

You became more like Casper the friendly ghost with wagers of your own
Where you done or did Facebook reveal the secret too well?

Sometimes in life you have to put a game on hold or walk away.
Checkmate? Did you win or me?

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