Who Are You?

Knock, knock, knock...the sound I have grown to hate.
Leaning against the door, I beg and I plead,
But all I can do is sit and wait,
Wait for the silence that I so desperately need.

Who are you? Always knocking on my heart,
Not letting me give up and sleep?
Yet, you have been here from the start.
Why do you remind me of promises I didn't keep?

I am nothing. Go away. Stop trying to heal me.
I want to be here, away from the eyes,
The eyes of the one I don't want to see.
Why? I hear your silent cries.

Please forgive me for the broken dreams,
I have let you down. I can't open the door,
The one that leads to where all is not what it seems.
I am not the one whom you know anymore.

Knock, knock, knock....there is nothing left I can do.
I open the door and see myself standing there.
But all I can ask now is...who are you?

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