Who Are You Inside

Everyone thinks different, just like me
Everyone sees the same, just like me
Everyone is afraid to exist, just like me
Everyone is afraid of themselves, just like me

Everyone hides their true self because they don't know
If they will be accepted
I've learned one thing, would you tell the younger you to hide
If you met a young child and they had the same insecurities as you
What would you tell him or her?

Would you tell them they're not perfect?
Would you tell them they're a mistake?
Would you tell them they weren't beautiful to be called magnificent?
Would you hurt them, bruise them, shame them
What would you say to them, if they ask you for help?
If they ask you what you thought of them

You know what I would say
I would say you're perfect and spiritually perfect
I would say you are strong and will grow up to be someone's hero
I would say you're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
What would you say?

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