Who Did Strike Out the Light?

Beautiful girl
With lips stained like the blood
That paints her unblemished heart
Small town suffocating her every breath
The night dimly lit
By her wide, wondering eyes
Streetlamps sketch her delicate features
Bathed in yellow watercolor
Footsteps hollow against unforgiving pavement
Echoing the pounding of that untarnished heart
Fingers like chains upon her wrist
Suddenly and hungrily drawing purple imperfections across her skin
His weight drops her against the cold, unfamiliar ground
The night spiraling above her in fragmented darkness
A candle blown out, with the silent breath escaping her lips
And she can't stop the innocence from pouring out of her
Pinned to the earth that is spinning out of control beneath her
The pressure of his atmosphere above her, slowly slipping away
As footsteps pound down the street once more
Her dull eyes look up for a light to grasp onto
As the streetlights go out

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This Poems Story

While reading Shakespeare's tragedy, "Macbeth," Banquo's death truly struck a nerve with me. It was not only the murder of a lifelong friend, but the murder of innocence as well. The end of innocence comes in many forms; yet as the lights go out, it is lost in darkness forever.