Who Do You Hate

At the rising of the sun, who do you hate
When the water ain't cold,who do you hate
When the climate is hot,who do you hate
Sweating a lot giving nature the blame,who do you hate
Don't want to pry seems so lame,who do you hate
Why,when,how and who,do you hate
Starting chaos with your mate,its knee time please
No hypocrites at the gate,who do you hate
So you can pass through with ease,who do you hate
Jealousy is a tool with out a belt the eye alone can't see
Is it a he or a she, who do you hate
Don't look surprise clear your face,who do you hate
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
Don't think to fast slow down the pace,who do you hate
Oh my God I figured you out,who do you hate
The person you hate is on the other side of your face.

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