Who Do You Think You Are?

I'm a wisdom writer, raised to be a fighter
I will fall to only rise again
From a distance I ignite the fire
Call me a liar, we all expire at some point

I stay motivated by betrayal and struggle
Dragged down the dirt road scratched by all the rubble
I guess it's my fault for not knowing you were trouble

Been left bruised and choking, seems with no solid ground
Now why am I chosen for the fearful unspoken

I've looked in the eyes of uncontrolled killers
The things they do to numb the pain
Consider murder prescription fillers

It's nothing but life in a game disguise
Redeem your false tickets and claim your prize

I live my life through my words and rhythm so I spit 'em
So don't ask me who I am or my religion
Even though I hope God is with 'em
I will not follow your rhythm

It's not my fault but
I never want to go out looking like the victim

This is my description

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